Inka Essenhigh’s Paintings & Artworks

Inka Essenhigh

Inka Essenhigh is a famous contemporary painter who is popularly known for painting surreal and dreamlike figures and landscapes that depict a deep sense of emotions. Most of her famous paintings and artwork often follow a distorted image with exaggerated features, which portrays a blurred line between imagination and reality.

Her vibrant use of color is one of the most significant features of her paintings. Her paintings are famous for their vibrant colors with a saturated palette. However, they also hold bold hues, making the viewers feel like the painting is pulsating out of the canvas. This intelligent use of a color palette is often known to create a sense of unreality and disorientation, which people from all over the world love.

Aside from the bold use of colors and figures, her paintings also hold great attention to the deal. Each of Inka Essenhigh’s paintings holds intricate attention to detail and symbolizes different viewers when viewed from the lens of an artist. These qualities of her artwork are loved by people with a vision for art and painting, which often adds a dreamy touch to its views. However, most of her paintings hold a hidden meaning or symbolism which is out of reach for ordinary men.

Inka Essenhigh

However, despite the intricate dreamlike details of her paintings, Inka Essenhigh’s works are still rooted in the real world, with many of her paintings from her life experiences. For instance, her portraits of family and friends and the landscapes she visited in her hometown during her childhood.

Famous Inka Essenhigh paintings

Blue Mountain, 2022

It is one of her most recent and valuable paintings, which describes the flow of water from a mountain and paints it in a rich blue color, which attracts the viewers to not only view it from a distance but also buy it and showcase it at home.

Old Trees in Fall, 2018

Old Trees in Fall, 2018

This painting was done in 2018 and rightly depicted the fall of leaves during the season and how they are left naked in the cold winds. Many people who have bought this painting have said that it depicts the painter’s emotions, who often find it lonely during cold autumn nights, much like the trees which shed their leaves during that time.

Decomposing forest, 2019

This painting throws light on the personality of the painter, who held rich value for nature and was also concerned about its effect on humankind. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of Inka Essenhigh’s work. It has intricate details about the vanishing trees, their decomposition shown by different vibrant colors, and other minute details you cannot miss!

The Last Party, 2020

It shows the shadows of people partying in the first amides different species of animals. However, the most prominent side of the artwork is two people enjoying their drink together, which has a deeper meaning.

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