Most Popular Modern And Renowned Artists

Modern And Renowned Artists

The term “contemporary art” refers to works of art created now, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations, performances, and videos. Although this concept may appear straightforward, the specifics are frequently a little hazy because everyone’s understanding of today may change greatly and drastically. The exact beginning of the genre is therefore still up for question, but many art historians believe the early 1960s or ‘70s (the conclusion of contemporary art, or modernism), to be a reasonable approximation. Here are a few well-known modern and contemporary artists.

Jean-Michel Basquiat

One of the most well-known modern artists and American artists of all time, Jean-Michel Basquiat sprang from the New York American Rocker scene in the early 1980s and quickly gained recognition for his paintings and drawings of faces. His “naf” art expertly incorporated several aesthetics and cultural practices to produce collage-like contemporary pieces that frequently linked to his urban & Afro – Caribbean origins.

Modern art paintings by Basquiat are an illustration of how counter-cultural art activity may be fully accepted, embraced, and enjoyed by the general public. The most expensive paintings and drawings of faces available currently on the market are those by him.

Christopher Wool

Christopher Wool is known best for his works of art of large, black, stenciled letters on white canvases, but he has a variety of styles. He causes conflict between the artwork and removal, a show of support and removal, depth and flatness, by combining a variety of painting techniques like spray painting, hand painting, and screen printing.

He builds up the surfaces of his pressurized paintings while seemingly nullifying their very substance by painting layer after layer of whites and some off over display elements used in earlier works, monochromatic shapes were chosen to take from recreations, large prints of information of pictures, computer monitors, and Digital photos of his own paintings.

Rudolph Stingel

Italian artist Rudolf Stingel resides in New York. Stingel has been questioning his selected technique of painting and challenging ideas of legitimacy, order, meaning, and context since the 1980s. He wants to interact with the audience and include them in a conversation about how they view modern art. Stingel’s prices skyrocketed during his exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City in 2007.

Mark Gortjahn

Contemporary American artist Mark Grotjahn is best recognized for his gestural, geometrical paints, sketches, and sculptures that incorporate both figurative and abstract elements. In the 1990s, Grotjahn earned his MFA as from the University of Southern California, Berkeley after graduating with a BFA as from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

He started his first significant body of work, Sign Exchange (1993–1998)while pursuing his MFA, in which he meticulously painted Los Angeles business signs. In a clever twist, the painting was showcased on the storefront while the real sign had been available for exhibition. He would work out the details with the appropriate store owners.

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